Cereals creams for the first baby foods

DolceBaby Organic Cereal Creams are indicated as first meals in the early weaning of your baby.

A soft cream immediately ready that you can make even tastier by adding milk or vegetable soup, parmesan cheese and extra virgin olive depending on the age of your child. To vary the taste of porridge every day during the first months of weaning, add to the Cereal Cream the DolceBaby Organic Fruit Purees or Organic Meat Purees, as indicated by your pediatrician. For the first baby foods you can choose from Rice Cream and Rice, Corn and Tapioca Cream, naturally both gluten free, or Semolina. Our cereal creams are:

  • free of salt and added sugars
  • free of added flavors
  • an essential nutrient for the growth of your child
  • in convenient resealable packages


DolceBaby cereal creams: choose from many meals with rice, corn, wheat and tapioca for babies from 4 months old.

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