DolceBaby food products are designed to accompany your child on the path of his growth, protecting every step his welfare and his health. The quality of our food products is guaranteed by the CE certifications: only raw materials from organic farming, obtained from crops free of synthetic chemical substances in the various stages of production.

  DolceBaby food products have the following certifications:

Organic Products

 The certification of the European Community guarantees consumers the following features:

  • The whole production chain, from seeds to packing and to the sale of the bulk product, was subjected to the inspections required by the European control system
  • 95% of the agricultural ingredients come from organic farming
  • The producer and the processing enterprises have not used GMOs nor synthetic chemicals
  • The product shows the code of the national control authority expressly authorized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry.


 USDA is an acronym of the State Department of Agriculture of the United States which is responsible for supervising the quality certification for organic food products.

The USDA Organic certification guarantees national and international consumers the organic quality of DolceBaby products and its spread even in the US market.
The European Union and the United States have established an equivalence agreement which stipulates that the organic products certified in the EU or the United States may be sold as organic products in the respective territories.

  The certification, in addition to compliance with the requirements of Reg. (EC) 834/07, provides the following conditions:

  • The origin of animal products from farms where animals weren’t treated with antibiotics;
  • The manufacture of products or the last stage of their transformation occurs within the Member States.