Organic farming, which spread from the seventies, involves a greater focus on the environment which is reflected on the quality of the cultivated products. The techniques used, exploit the natural fertility of the soil, using, for example, the manure. Therefore do not use chemical fertilizers and other substances potentially harmful to human health. The benefits of organic farming are numerous. Let’s see together the main reasons why you should choose food from this type of cultivation:

  • the rhythms of the seasons and the rotation of the land are respected, promoting environmental protection and of natural landscapes
  • surrounding areas, the organic lands are home to several species of animals and plants, helping to preserve agricultural biodiversity, especially the number of species present in nature, such as bacteria and plants
  • infiltration of nitrate in groundwater is reduced and this impacts positively on the quality of surface water
  • farms are controlled: animal behaviors are respected and they get isolated if they need medical care. There is established also a specific and balanced diet, substances such as stimulators of growth and appetite are prohibited. The dedicated facilities are clean and checked
  • organic farming prohibits the use of hormones, embryo transfers and the genetic manipulation of animal breeds
  • it is not allowed to create antibiotic-resistant microorganisms
  • land workers are not exposed to harmful substances for their health
  • there is a system of control of the products which allows tracking and monitoring by competent authorities. On all packages of organic food, in fact, must be shown the manufacturer’s code and a specific term, “organic agriculture – control regime – EEC “.

The benefits of choosing organic farming are many: they not only help protect the environment and the ecosystem, but contribute to the pleasure of eating well, preserving health and wellness.

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