Organic farming is a method of cultivation and breeding that does not use pesticides or chemical additives stipulating only the use of natural substances. The goal of this system is to reverse the trend of intensive agriculture, in favor of a higher quality production.

The organic in addition to the preservation of natural resources, offers many advantages and benefits to our health. For one thing, the foods from organic farming are characterized by a more natural flavor and much more intense taste to the palate. In addition, organic food, being cultivated in full respect of the rhythms of nature, has a higher concentration of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Consider, for example an apple from an organic crop. Usually it has a smaller size than the traditional one and sometimes may look less inviting. However, the pulp of the organic apple presents a higher nutritional power than the traditional one, which is instead composed mostly by water.

Finally, organic products offer another great benefit to our wellbeing. They are free of neurotoxins, substances harmful to the brain and nerve cells and contained in many of the pesticides commonly used in crops. Not containing this type of harmful elements, the organic does not submit the body to the task of having to metabolize compounds that are foreign to it. This means less stress for our body and greater energy availability.

In the light of these aspects, it is evident that the organic presents numerous advantages not only for the protection of the environment, but also for our health. Eating organic, means to adopt a healthy and natural way of alimentation, with obvious benefits for our body.

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